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There may come a time in your life when you feel like nothing is quite working right and you feel lost. You seem to be able to go through the motions of every day life but you feel like you are struggling through life, enduring through it, rather than living freely. Something is off. Something is not right, you are disconnected, out of place. Chances are, your feelings are right. Something does not match.

Lessons vs Reality

There comes a time in our lives where we feel like we have to relearn some of the basic lessons we were taught growing up. You know, all those stories you were taught growing up about heroes, villains, and what is right and wrong. But this time, instead of that lesson being a hypothetical situation, a story, we are the actors in it. The problem is we don’t see the story being played on the screen of reality, we don’t see who the heroes and villains are, we don’t see right and wrong clearly outlined for us with dramatic music in the background.

In real life, it’s only once we’ve been paddling without going anywhere for a while, that we start to realize, “fuck, something is not working right.” – Mini Buddha Max

What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?

At the same time, we also wake up to the fact that life does not “feel” as black and white as we were taught – or at the very least, some of the things we were taught were right and some of the wrongs… do not “feel*” so clearly right and wrong anymore.

*If you’ve noticed, I put special emphasis on “feel” here because most people define what is right and wrong by how they feel, rather than by actually looking at the consequences and ramifications of their actions.

In reality, we don’t have all those clear indicators of what is wrong and what is wrong. We don’t have the dramatic music playing in the background, or the big close ups to make us realize something is important. In real life, we mostly try to do what feels right, and what other people around us seem to to think is what is right and acceptable. And similarly, we try to avoid doing what seems to us and to the people around us to be wrong. 

The problem with this is we don’t have the whole picture. Emotions are only immediate reactions to the environment right around us at any given time.

And what might seem mundane and unimportant right now may actually be playing an important influence over the course of our lives in the long run.

So what gives? What happened? What is happening? How do we rectify our life? How do we figure out how to change, or what to change, in order to start living in a way that feels “right” for us again?

A Beautiful Web of Interconnections

We all understand that the quality of our lives depend on an interrelated plethora of factors that affect us:

  • our health
  • our food
  • our slee
  • our relationship
  • our job
  • our income
  • the things that interest us and those that bore us

even the quality of the air can influence how we feel and respond to life.

BUT, if everything in your life feels like a struggle on a daily basis…. for many of us this is because we’ve been repeating a course of action (that might have “felt right,” or not necessarily “wrong”) but that has been pulling us in the wrong direction for way too long.

What Could Have Stopped This Pitfall?

Intuition, self-introspection, and pause.

Our own connection to our spiritual self and our ability to listen to it. You see, Life has a subtle way of letting us know when things are not going in the right direction for us… Before we go too far into this, I do not for one second believe that we are the sole factor for everything that happens in our life.

But I do believe that if a situation is a recurring struggle it’s because we are not learning the right lessons, not listening carefully enough to ourselves, and not implementing the right actions. – Mini Buddha Max

Now, I don’t use the word “spirituality” in any particular/specific religious term. I use it very broadly to reflect our very personal and unique sense of intuition that connects us to our own life, feedback about our role in our ecosystem/social circle, how we affect things around us, and where we want to go in life.

I will not tell you that “Spirituality” is the key to wealth and success. Or that spirituality is not the key to abundance, love, or winning the lotto! It might lead you to one of those outcomes, but it is not the main purpose.

To me, spirituality is the key to creating a life that works for you, that makes sense to you, that let’s you grow and develop into the person you feel you are supposed to be.

In my book, spirituality is the key to you living your own life, making progress on your own path, and to having your world make sense and work right for you.

So where can you go from here?

You are a smart and reasoned individual. If I could give you single reason or single “secret key technique” you could do in 10 min to turn everything around magically…. you probably would have figured that on your own already.

There is a lot of subtlety to figuring out what isn’t working, and where you want to go. There are a lot of interconnected influences on your life. For that a course or a full coaching/mentoring/support program would be more appropriate.  

But what you can do, is start becoming more aware and understanding of the little things that influence your days, your actions, and your emotions, and see where they lead you.

  • Some people benefit from journaling once a day or once a week.
  • Some people like to mediate.
  • Some people like to review the day in their minds eye before going to bed and looking at what they could have done better….
  • Some people like to share and talk with people outside of their circle in order to get a different perspective.

Try any one of these, and you will definitely start to see patterns, and understand your life a little bit better. You’ll start to understant why nothing is working right for you right now, and where the cogs don’t fit right. This is the first step to regaining control over your life, and getting an idea of where you want to go.

To Your Transformation!

If you want to share with us your personal story of struggling with feeling “off” and lost in your life, and how you got out of it, please use the contact form. I very strongly believe in sharing our stories with others.

Additional Definitions:

What I’m calling “Right” and “Wrong.” I don’t define those terms by religious standards, but simply as “Does it bring long term and consistent benefits (health, peace, wealth) to me, the people around me, and to most people as a society.”

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