July 2019 Mini Progress Report

What a journey it’s been so far!

8 months have gone by since the beginning of the year, and so far I have accomplished 2 of my top 3 goals, and 1 of my additional/miscellaneous goal.


After 3 months of fighting for a new (permanent) position, and a plethora of interviews (4 in 3 weeks), I was finally made a decent offer (today) that should put me in a strategically good position for the next year.

(Yay! Way to make progress and get those goals achieved!!)

Goal #1: Find a new job/career more aligned with my skills. Check!

After 3 months in a temporary new position, I am on my way to a permanent position.


While my goal (be done with 2 surgeries) for this category was accomplished earlier this year, the recovery process is much slower than I was expecting. I am still struggling to adapt to my new lifestyle. I still have pain, I am still uncomfortable, and some days are easier than others.

On the bright side, my leg is doing a little better every day, and I am working it out regularly now (see the physical health section below).

That being said, I think it’s time to take another look at it, so I decided to schedule a post-op appointment with my surgeon to see if there is anything we can do to improve my current situation.

Physical Health

My 3rd main goal this year was to (somehow figure out a way to be healthier) be able to do 100 pull-up in a day by Dec 1. While I have not accomplished that goal, yet, I am doing a lot better health wise, and I started working out regularly.

I should also preface this by sharing that in the midst of everything, we also just recently moved (July 20)!!  We are 1st time home buyers! (That was my partner’s goal this year). My commute is now almost 3 times longer than before (I wasn’t expecting that!)

But, despite the heavy traffic and the time lost, somehow I figured out how to workout every week day.

I believe this discipline came from a combination of two things:

  1. The discipline I am learning from being financially restricted is trickling down to other areas. The primary motivating force is that I am learning to be okay with being uncomfortable and sticking to a plan even if I really don’t feel like it.
  2. This happened: The new commute and work schedule was (quite) difficult to adjust to at first, specially with the recovery process going on at the same time. One day while I was in the car I realized: I go to work and bend over backwards to go to work every day, even when I am tired, even when I hate it, even when I am sick, even when I am recovering from surgery…. and that’s how I survive. That’s how I make money. That’s how I make progress in my career.

Therefore, if I am able to go to work that day, no matter how much of a bad time I am having, I should be able to go to the gym for 30 min. From now on, going to work = going to the gym. They go hand in hand. If I am well enough to be going to work (because I have to), then I am well enough to go to the gym. That’s it.

The primary motivating force is that I am learning to be okay with being uncomfortable…


I took a serious pay cut when deciding to change jobs/career. But surprisingly enough, this has actually taught me A LOT in terms of discipline, budgeting, self-awareness, which in turn have really strengthened my commitment to work, excellence, and it has given a kind of strength and self reliance I had forgotten I had.

So much so, I feel I could write a whole article on what a positive effect this is having on me overall…!

While feeling so restricted is difficult on many levels, I am really grateful for the changes I’ve been able to make.

  • I now have a budget, and even though I earn less money than before, I am saving more than before (ha!).
  • My health is getting better since I am eating healthier (I can’t afford the crap I used to eat).
  • I started being a lot more hands-on with my investing (before I only had a 401(k) retirement account that I really didn’t quite understand), and it’s been doing pretty well!

I am very pleased with that.

Taking a more hands-on approach to my finances and investing was one of my miscellaneous goals for the year, so I am super excited to say I have started that one as well!

Final Comment

While I don’t believe the saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (in fact, I believe the opposite), I can see that sometimes the right amount of pressure can give you the push you need to fully decide to make change a reality.




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