Was 2018 Horrible? 2019 Will Be A Blast!

Are you ready for a brand new year? I sure am!

2018 was one of my absolute worst years since I left childhood. 2018 brought about emotional, physical, social, and professional unrest like no other years since I became an adult.

How was yours?

On the bright side, making 2019 better than 2018 should be a breeze! 🙂

Let’s first go over the process I go through so that you can apply the same process to your life as well.

1 Ask Yourself  These 4 Fundamental Questions Regarding 2018

  1. What did not go well last year? Why? What weaknesses did you have? How could you have handled those situations better?
  2. What went well last year? Why was that? What were the main difference between what went well and what did not go well?
  3. Was there anything you absolutely do not want to experience again? What must you put in place to prevent that?
  4. What are some of the things you absolutely want to experience again? Schedule those for next year.

2 Define Level 1 and Level 2 Goals

Defense vs Offense

Level 1 goals (defense) are the bare minimum goals you want to change/incorporate in your life in 2019.

Be honest and realistic with these. BARE MINIMUM. So you want to have as few things as possible on that list.

A good framework of thinking for this is, “If you only did the things on this list, and everything else went to S*** next year, 2019 would still be better than 2018.”

Level 2 goals (offense) are goals that if you achieved would make 2019 an amazing year.

This is wear you go on the attack and accomplish those stretch goals that excite you and that would move you forward 10x at the end of the year!

Everyday, make sure you’ve completely maintained level 1 goal and have worked on at least one level 2 goal!

If you do this, if you are absolutely meeting your minimum goals every day, you know – for sure – that no matter what else happens in 2019 will be better than the last!

As for mine, here is a short summary.

2018 Review

  • While there are some things I never want to go through again in my life, I can predict at least some of them will probably happen again. That’s how life goes most of the time. I just have to be ready for them.
  • Nevertheless, some good things came out of 2018:
    I found a new interest in music
  • I found a renewed interest in finances, investing, and making strong financial decisions
  • I am a lot more comfortable interacting with people, and in the last quarter of the year I found a way to reduce my stuttering to very manageable levels.
  • In December I stumbled upon a book by David Goggins called, “Can’t Hurt Me.” I will fully credit this book for opening my mind and giving me the determination to get back on my feet. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be blown away by the experiences some people go through.
  • I did a lot of preliminary work required for me to be/feel better in 2019

Level 1 Goals: Make 2019 better than 2018.

I’m not going through 2018 again. Period.

I believe if I just focus on these points below, no mater what else happens, or what unfortunate events might occur, 2019 will be better than 2018

  • Sleep better
  • Less fear and inaction, more doing
  • More cardio, more pull-ups, more stretching
  • Resolve my medical concerns

Level 2 Goals: What would make 2019 an incredibly better year

Be done with all my surgeries and recover

Workout HARD and PUSH (To be achieved by Dec. 1st 2019 no matter how many surgeries/medical difficulties I encounter)

  • 100 Pull -ups/ Push ups/day
  • 2 hours of cardio/swimming/day

To be defined/implemented month by month:

  • Work that is more aligned with my skills and interests
  • More time spent on music, finances, and organization of data
  • Prioritize making GOOD decisions and taking GOOD actions over trying to maximize anything
  • Working on projects for myself, projects that I can put out in the world
  • More alignment with my inner self
  • More team activities and exploration with my family

Challenges and Pitfalls to avoid:

  • Fear of being tired – That’s actually a thing I experience
  • Being overly influenced by the schedule of the people close to me
  • Thinking that small steps lead to no real results

I’m excited and a little scared of what 2019 has in store… Can’t wait to check back here next year! 🙂

To your success and making positive changes in your life!

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